I had to open my last jar of thick medium today…I love this stuff…


Xodus will probably be just as good if not better.

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I hope so!!! That would be awesome!!! :grin:

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What do you use this for Cherie?

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Even tho I am well stocked with Genesis mediums for years to come I have been trying others for when the day arrives that I’m out. For me IRHSP is wonderful. I like the Matte better than Genesis matte to be honest. No shine and very soft to the touch. I used it on my Victor. Xodus seems promising too. I have the Xodus line here but have only worked with the Xodus thinning oil so far. I really like it but ouch…that price tag might make you cry! 1oz of Xodus is about as much as a 4oz jar of Genesis was. :frowning:


Your Victor is just beautiful :heart_eyes:

I am happy to know about the xodus and IRHSP also!!!

@lynn Lynn…I use the thick to seal my babies with…I have for years…it works well and isn’t rough to thentouch like matte is!!!

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It doesn’t have UV protection though? I asked AA MACO if it could be send like Matt and Satin and they said no… I used it early on because Nicole Russel used it in her tutorial. I think all of those 12 year old babies are still fine?

Bummer! I have a ton of Gensis left, too. Hopefully when we all have t go to Xodus it will last as long as the GHSP did, for that price. Maybe once it becomes more commonly used and more people are using it, the price will go down a little.

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Nope…never had one complaint!!

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