Visit with my daughter and great nephew

I went this evening and spent time with my daughter and great nephew , he’s 2 months old. My youngest son came along too​:blush:, my daughter kept him it’s good practice for her​:blush::blush:


looks like a happy baby…you must visit him often :slight_smile:

What a cute and happy little fella…so sweet!

I love him, what a handsome baby!!!

Oh, soooooo CUTE! :smiley:

Yes, he is very happy! I don’t see him as much as I’d like :blush:, his dad my nephew when he was little thought I was his mommy, I lived with my sister and when I left to get married, he cried for months because he thought his mom had left him. He was about 2. I felt terrible :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh angel! That’s so hard!

Those are sweet pics, Karen! :heart:

Thanks, and yes it was very hard , I felt guilty for several years​:disappointed:, but he’s ok now of course and I have a great nephew to spoil :blush:.

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