Violet eyes

I’m making a fairy and I would like it to have violet eyes. They need to be 20mm. I saw pabol had a light violet but I can’t seem to find it anywhere for sale. I’ve seen some glass ones but I don’t want to spend a fortune. I want them to look as real as purple eyes can look if that makes sense. Does anyone know where to find some?

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This may be too blue, but they look purple to me


They look slightly purple to me too but because they don’t give a color description it makes me nervous. Does anyone have these eyes at home and know if they look purple in real life.

Go to and type in purple glass eyes or something like that…like the eye size you are looking for. A ton of different eyes will come up. Keep in mind they come from china so it will be a bit of a wait but they have good prices.

1 Like has some that color and they are very inexpensive.

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