Vinyl Smells!

I have been making BB babies for the past month and out of 6 only 1 had a really bad odor. Today I started a non BB kit made by Ulga Auer and it smells sweet enough to eat haha so this made me wonder what makes the scents so different and has anyone ever had a sweet smelling one.

My Bibo smells like vanilla, even after 5 or 6 years. My Rio has a sweet smell but I can’t identify it.


The Nines D’Onil kits smell delicious. It’s a bit like vanilla, The vinyl keeps the sweet scent for a long time. My Mam has had one that I made years ago and it still smells lovely x

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I’m not sure what the smell is but it is Heavenly.If it turns out to be a girl that will be Her name haha.


That’s a great idea x

My Addison Molloy smells ammmaaazing. The older pink BB kits smelled that way for me too.