Vinyl granules

Has anyone used the BB vinyl granules for weighting? How heavy are they?

I’ve used them, well bought them but ended up not using them because they were terrible. They are not very heavy, about the same as poly pellets, but they are so hard and sharp! I tried filling limbs with them but could feel them poking when you squish a limb, when in a stocking in the body they feel hard and pokey. I don’t recommend them :frowning:


I haven’t used BBs, but I did use some from Germany. I didn’t like it. Too rough, definitely not for use in a cloth body. In limbs they sat weirdly as well.

It’s kind of too bad. It would be a great way to recycle defective vinyl parts.


I know, I feel like maybe if they were true granules and not cut chunks, they would be better. Or if the granules were of BB soft vinyl and not rock hard vinyl.

I made some myself awhile back with soft vinyl test parts in a blender. They are soft and squishy and feel better than poly pellets. Mine were ground to very small pieces. They work well in the super thin vinyl that you are not supposed to put glass beads in. I have not tried the Bountiful Baby ground up vinyl.


I bought some a while ago because I thought I could weigh my donation babies with it so they would be lighter. Sadly you can feel them since they’re sharp. So now I have two bags and nothing to do with them.

Could you grind them in a blender to make them smaller?

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Maybe, I haven’t tried before. I’d be nervous that it would clog up my blender somehow.

I think it would be okay if you didn’t put too much in at once.

I love it. Not only do we put baby parts in ovens and dishwashers, but now we blend them as well. :joy:


@Babies Now I need a blender? :rofl: What an awesome idea though.


Hahaha, right?! So many shocking/funny phrases with reborning!

Yep, a heavy duty one though, at least that’s what I used. :rofl:

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I was thinking…just how many baby parts do we need to grind up? :\

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