Vintage toddler!

Since we’ve got the vintage contest going on, I thought it would be fun to share this picture with you all. I’ve had the doll for a while, the horse is one I got from a friend who used it as a baby and the dress is one I myself wore as a baby. Both are late 80s/ early 90s.

Bonus picture of myself as a baby in the dress (I was bald until I was about 2 years old!)


Aww…you and your doll are too adorable! I found me one of those really old walking dolls to add to my collection and your doll made me think of her…I need to try some of the baby clothes I have on her to see if they fit. She’s 25 inches tall, so I don’t think she’d fit in American Girl doll clothes. lol

Here’s my Ellie May


She’s very cute! I love those old walker dolls.

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