Vintage baby clothes

I bought these, they need to be cleaned, but Im afraid because they are delicate, they look to be from 40s & up


Could you maybe soak them in woolite or similar for delicates ?

I didnt think of that, I bet so😊, Ill try it. Thanks😊

For the top one id use some oxy clean and warm water first.then maybe some dreft,if you use your washer use delicate cycle,think handkerchief material.the second one looks like a cotton thread,that is easily stretched when wet, id wash it same as first but cool water and oxy clean, it also gets heavy,dont dry.lay it on a towel and reshape.third one,thats tough.if its real silk thats its own issue,plus the lace,back then there was different kinds.i dont feel comfortable giving you washing advice on that one.maybe talk to a dry cleaner.i have some of the first ones and they are stonger than they look IF they arent dry rotted.sorry.hope that helps a little bit.

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Yes< thankyou so much for advice. Yes the last one is very delicate, its an old christianing dress.

The Christening gown is beautiful!! I have my christening gown i was baptized in… My gown is 39 years old!!

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Beautiful clothes! I love vintage especially if it’s baby!:grinning:

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I love vintage too! I received some baby boy christening gowns that were horribly stained from formula, like dark brown from storage. Tried washing…nothing. Finally decided to use Awesome cleaner before throwing them away. Took out all the stain and six years later, still no sign of it!


What is Awesome cleaner and where do you get it? Do you just put it in the washer with the clothes?

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What treasures you have found! I was told you could soak and hand wash with oxyclean.

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Awesome is sold at the Dollar Tree store. I sprayed it on and let it sit for about ten minutes and then rinsed it out. Wash as desired afterwards.


Thank you. I’m going to get some.

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Im excited to see how they turn out😊