Vintage 80's berenguer

I’m having a moment. I looked on ebay for something and found a doll that is so dang pretty. I’m looking at it and thinking how beautifully it could be reborned. I really need to NOT buy it though. I have to sell before I can buy again.

I think that somebody should go and buy it so it will stop tempting me. Plus it would be really nice to see it reborned, or even become part of a collection.

If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a vintage 80’s full body girl Berenguer, now’s your chance.


I reborned that one years ago. The vinyl was kinda yellow and very hard.

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That makes me feel slightly better about not getting her. That face is just so cute though.

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I have that one in my stash. I bought it for $10 at a doll show years ago. I haven’t reborned it yet. I did a different one and put it on a cloth body. The vinyl is very hard.

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I’d love a baby like this, reborned or not! When I was growing up, a family I was close to either had one of these out it was a berjusa. He was anatomically correct and they call him baby Joey. He even has a freckle I think, unless it was just a stain that looked like one! :laughing: I had been asking if they could tell me what type of doll he is, but never got a real answer. I can try asking again. He was just so cool with his little body parts and realism. I’d love to have one for my collection!

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When I was growing up I had a friend with anatomically correct girl boy twins. I think they were berjusas but I’m not sure.

Being a kid, I really wanted what my friend had too. They were way too expensive for my family to afford though.

Thanks to this post, I just purchased an 80’s doll I had when I was younger…LOL. I had the doll in your post as well, but it reminded of the Oopsie doll I had. I don’t think I’ll be able to reborn her, but I couldn’t resist with the price :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I might have to find the dolls from my childhood! I would love that! I had a doll that crawled and walked, depending on how you positioned her. I was little in the late 80s to 90s.

I still have my childhood dolls but I didn’t have any Berenguer’s. I would have loved them.

I have a baby Joey on the shelf upstairs that was my daughters many years ago. He was the baby from the TV show “All in the Family”. I think he was the first ‘anatomically’ correct boy baby. Ours was never played with, he is like brand new still in his original gown.

@jeanhai, do you remember this one??

Joey’s last name was Stievic. Not sure about the spelling.

Oh nice, I just looked it up. I’ve looked it up before I think. I am not sure if the family just named the baby Joey. That is just what they called him.

Oh, ok, I thought maybe you were talking about ‘baby Joey’ he was a big deal back in the day!

Oh, no, I don’t think so. It doesn’t look like that one. He looks like this image

I don’t remember Joey Stivic. I just looked him up.

I also have 2 of these babies, one boy and one girl. I’ve had them forever too.

I will likely find me a boy one and add him to my collection!

I had a baby Joey, I forgot all about that doll.