Very pale beautiful baby

Few months ago somebody posted here very beautiful baby painted very subtly in pale tones; she was looking almost as a porcelain doll but not as flat. If you know what I mean. Does anybody remember her? I have been searching for her, but cannot even remember what kit she was. Please, help :smile:

I remember that, but can’t for the life of me remember who posted the picture. Was it possibly the Shyann shared by @calimel ? The link to that picture no longer works.

Yes! Thanks, that is the one; but the picture on eBay cannot be accessed :frowning:

@ludmila do a google search for Shyann. Maybe the baby will show up since it was a fairly recent auction. I found a few that were nice and pale. Just can’t remember what the original looked like - but you probably will.

Cali, how did your “porcelain china-doll” look baby turned out?
I am working on Sydney, who is very pale vinyl. I want her to have the “porcelain china-doll” look, but she looks too much a doll in this moment.

My Sydney is called Marina (I hate the name Sydney - I have known very unpleasant person called that) now.
Here she is, after about 10 layers. I do not know why she looks so yellow in these pics, she is more like the pic of her foot. And she does have veins, albeit very faint and deep looking, he also has blue shading around her mouth and temples.

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Very pretty, Ludmilla!

Yes, thanks. Now I am getting all confused; cannot remember what I liked about that pale Shyan :smile:

Talking about dolly Shyans; there is one mermaid living in my display case:

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