Very disappointed

The unpredictability of when kits will be taken off of “discount” is upsetting. I was literally in the middle of checking out and one of the kits I was purchasing “went off discount” and I didn’t notice until I finished the transaction.

Customer service was no help. They were all " too bad…if you don’t want it we will refund you before your order is shipped." I wonder how many other people have lost money because of sudden price changes in the middle of checking out their cart.


Not a happy customer over here. Not. At. All.


I know what you mean. I think it’s difficult because their sales change so frequently. But I think they do things that way because it keeps us buying, as we’re on our toes, checking back for the next sales. It makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint.


Plus even their full prices are cheaper than other places.
If you have 250 things for sale and set up the computer to take the sale off when you have 100 left… and 155 people put it in their cart… the first 150 to pay gets the sale price… Even though it may suck to be the one who didn’t get the discount think of how many people order from them? There has to be some boundaries set. Or they would go lose a lot of money.


That actually happened to me once. During black Friday. I can’t remember the department store that did it.

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There are those sales on Black Friday and what not when there are tons of people rushing in to buy stuff…sales end at a certain time and sometimes if you’re a few minutes late it’s back to full price. :confused:

I think the flash sales can be annoying but make sense from a business view…I don’t think there’s anybody sitting at a computer purposely moving the sales down as fast as they can, it’s computer monitored based on the stock they have left. When there’s a certain amount of kits left in stock it goes back to full price is what I think I remember reading. I guess that stock goes quickly.


I grabbed Logan and 2 neck rings that I had in my cart already. I figure I will order his plugs and body when I am not rushed. Even though I will have to pay shipping again… lol


It shouldn’t change once it’s in your basket. I just don’t think that’s right.