Veining is too light

OOPS…I was so afraid to do my veining to dark. After adding 2 coats and baking skin color, I can’t see a lot of the veining I did. Can I lightly go over the baked two layers to darken the veins?

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Yes, you sure can:-)

Thank you :grinning:

That is usually how I do it, if my veiningis to light , I go over it again towards the end of my painting :heart:

Light is wayyyy better than too dark. :wink:

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I agree, good to be too light than to be too dark! I also do my veins really light and then towards the end I like to go over parts of the veins so that it looks partly under the skin and some closer to the surface, like real veins!


Thank you everyone for your advise :sweat_smile: