Vein blue differences

I bought a genesis vein blue from dolls by sandie and it’s very light - I watched the customdollbaby videos and hers looks pretty dark. I think hers were from
Bountiful baby. Is there a difference between the two from different sites?

It can happen that companies have Different shards .

People mix colors a lot to make it to their liking. I would think any brand would be the same wherever it is purchased. I use air dry, so hopefully someone who is much more knowledgeable than I will pop on and help you more.

The dark on is ultramarine blue and then the lighter one is vein blue from dolls by sandie.

Not sure if it will help any, but here are mine from Bountiful Baby. Ultramarine on top and vein on bottom.

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Yes it does actually. Mine is like a turquoise almost. I wouldn’t think of that as a vein color at all :woman_shrugging:t3:

Ultramarine blue and vein blue from BB

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Well, I don’t even use my vein blue for veins lol. You could try adding some of the darker blue to it and see if that helps.

Mac’s vein, BB vein, P.blue02. I use them all in different ways and for different skintones.

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