Varnishing dolls

Good evening
I am a new by to this art and am just about to finish my second doll
Could anyone tell me if I use varnish on the doll when every thing is finished
And whet does the varnish do and what type of varnish do I use olso do I heat set the varnish when it is aplyed thank you in advance for any replays as I am so confused

Wendy, are you using GHSP? If you are, varnishing is a personal choice. Some do, some don’t. Supposedly GHSP is impregnated into the vinyl and will not come off, but some people like to add varnish as another layer of protection. If dolls are handle a lot they can become shiny (I’m told) and varnish is suppose to help control this. It will add a bit of texture to your doll so she will not be as smooth as just the painted vinyl. Some people don’t like the feel. If you choose to use the matt or satin varnish make sure you apply it very, very thin and bake, then let cool, turn pieces and bake again to make sure all the chalkiness is completely gone. Don’t put it on your baby’s head if you are going to root. At least I don’t put it there. Hope this help a little.

I have question : I just bought dewy skin PLBD, Does dewy skin is a “varnish” too ? or JUST something to make you baby skin dewy ?

Sorry, don’t know anything about it.

Yes. It is a final coat.