Varnish question

Do you guys prefer satin or matte varnish on your dolls?

I prefer Matte varnish.

I mix the two and add a little thinning medium.


I do the same but I add a bit of odorless thinner


I follow Kims recipe for her “sauce” but use satin instead of the matt. It seals with hardly any roughness.

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I am not familiar with her sauce recipe. Kim from reborn with me?

I thought about mixing them together as well.

Thank you. Yes the Matt gets so powdery looking and I don’t like the way it feels. I didn’t use thinner. Maybe that would help some

KIM is Custom Doll Baby on You Tube. Find her tutorials & you will be glad. She starts with washing a new kit & goes on to the end of a beautiful baby. Good luck!!

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I mix satin and matte and a little paint matching the skin tone.