Varnish or Not

I know this has been covered before and I know the reasons for applying matt/satin varnish BUT my question is: Do the majority of you use either one or the other or NOT ???

I use a heat set matte varnish for several reasons. One is to take away the shine, another is to protect the painted areas, and the third is to provide a surface that is easier to use a Prisma pencil on or to root. Also, although I have not done this yet, others have used it first to hold paint on the softer kits.


I never use matte varnish. I just do not like the way it feels and I’ve heard one too many horror stories about it cracking and ruining the doll. Since Genesis paint is self sealing, and their mediums are only used to create a visual effect, I think that’s one risk I’ll skip. I have occasionally used satin varnish, but I generally don’t use anything at all.

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I’ve used the matte varnish on my first 5 babies. It was mixed with Gen Thinning Medium.On my current baby, I used Thick Medium mixed with Thin Medium. In both cases, I added some flesh color. I brushed it on and pounced it with a kabuki brush. I love the look of skin that it adds and the feel is still soft.

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i actually just started to put the matte varnish on the kit first. it really does help the paint to hold onto the vinyl better. what i do is used a paint brush to apply a very thin layer straight from the container on the vinyl and then i pounce it and then bake.

You use it straight? What is the texture like? I assume you put it on again after the painting is complete?

yep i use it straight. it does have a little bit of a rougher texture but if you put on in the thinnest layer, pounce, bake and then add lots of mottle and skin layers its not too bad. and then i do add some after.

also by making it a very thin layer and baking it doesnt crack or look caked on. i have experience putting it on a little too thick and it cracked

i have seen a video on BB with Denise Pratt using the matte varnish staight. she used a cometic wedge to apply it and then pounce. i like using a paint brush as you can get it on thinner.

Yes, I’ve seen that on the video, too. I may try this on a test limb.

i tried applying the varnish using just the wedge and found that it went on to thick and thats when it started to crack. try it with a paint brush. i brush some on really thin in smaller areas and then pounce and continue thru the entire limbs and head


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anytime!!! im still learning myself so i like to try new things to improve my babies :slight_smile: