USPS re: Filing a Complaint

Someone else has my mohair from Angela. At this point, I’m certain that the person who got it isn’t going to give it to me or have the USPS forward it to me. How do I file a complaint with the PO?

You can also file it online at I had to do that a little while back and it was super easy to do it online. My reimbursement check came within 2 weeks.

Thank you so much!!

You can call or go online. I’ve had some issues in the past when I was sold something on ebay and it broke. They get back in touch with you really quickly.

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It turns out that it went to a house a couple of blocks from me. The the guy who lives there drives truck for one of the oil companies. He was on the road when it was delivered. He brought it to be around the 18th.

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Yea! That’s awesome!

At least I’m not out the cost!!

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It sounds like your mail carrier isnt doing his/her job right. Have you spoken to the Post Master?