Using wire for a reborn toddler armature

Hi everyone, I want my straight leg reborn toddler to stand up. I am in the UK and can’t seem to find the plastic armatures. I was wondering if I could use craft wire to make an armature? I guess I could even try and find plastic coated wire.

What do you guys think? would it work?

Any help will be greatly appreciated :blush:

I know Ashton Drake uses wire to make their dolls hold a pose but I’m not sure if it would work for a standing baby. Id also be worried about the wire snapping inside the doll over time

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Thank you, she will only be for my collection. I’ve looked on YouTube but didn’t find anything regarding using for a reborn x

What about some wooden dowels? (Sticks)


Thank you :blush: I guess that would work. Not sure about how to join them together? I suppose I could join them with a smaller piece of dowel

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I saw something somewhere… on YouTube I think… someone wrapped a hanger they had cut to size with duct tape and then wrapped it with quilt batting

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The stick would be just yo help the legs have balance. What do you need to connect?


I thought I would need to connect them together in the centre to keep them in the correct position. Won’t they just move and tilt over to the side? I’m not sure, perhaps the stuffing will keep them in position.

I was thinking of trying to get wire covered with plastic if possible x

I couldn’t find much on YouTube. Most of the videos were how to make armatures for cloth dolls, or for silicones x

If you are using glass beads n polyfil around it and on top that should hold it in place.


You can find it on bear making sites, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon ect in the UK.
Just type into google plastic armature for doll amd teddy making.

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Thank you x

Yes I found those in a skeleton shape but they are not big enough x

How about foam tubes for craft? They come in different thickness, lengths ect. They are obviously not heavy but if you got a nice thick one for the torso section it will help the body stay straight


I have done this and it is fine if you use duct tape to wrap. I have a toddler I did 10 yrs ago that way and he is still fine. :footprints: :baby:


Thank you, they sound perfect for the job :blush: I will look out for some on eBay x

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Thank you xx

Did you add to the body ? Or just the legs? :christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow:

Would this work?

Check this out!