Using soft touch varnish during paint process?

So my hands and feet stopped taking paint. I have tried to using thinningmedium baked a couple of times to see if that helps and it did not. I am thinking about using the soft touch varnish then continue painting once it dried for 24 hours. I use GHSP. Has anyone done this. I just hate matte varnish and have yet to apply it correctly to work like its supposed to. If not the soft touch varnish any other suggestions? I have on hand reborn fx primer, genesis thick medium, satin medium and matte medium.

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You can do that. I’d use the genesis matte medium.

You are amazing! Thank you for all your responses! I appreciate it! Can injuat apply it on the hands and feet or should I the whole limb? Is this common or is it something I am doing wrong? I really want to switch to air dry but I just started and should wait a bit before spending more haha!

You should be able to do it just on the areas where the paint isn’t sticking and blend it in on the edges. Then bake and continue painting.

I painted Genesis over soft touch varnish and then baked it. It was doing ok. But it was only one layer.

You can use the RebornFX primer under Genesis and bake over it. I have done it before with no problem. Just let it cure at least an hour or so first.