Using Orange vinyl to my advantage advice needed?

Ok I am using miracle blend air dry paints and have an orange vinyl kit .
I have used all my dolly dollars so cannot buy any tutorials this month .

Should I make it into an AA baby and if so does anyone have a simple guide for colours needed then I can try and work out what the heck I need to do .

If I use the primary colour method I think this would take forever to achieve AA skin.

I have mainly primary colours and burnt umber so would need to create my own brown colours . could I just use burnt umber washes over and over ??

If I make Caucasian do I just do many blue neutralizing layers until lighter or could I add white to any washes aghhh sorry such silly questions :confounded:

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I had better luck neutralizing orange vinyl, using mint green. I find that no matter the color you would make your baby neutralizing the orange is necessary.


Ah ok I thought I could build up the colour over the orange / tan vinyl !

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Try mixing the blue and yellow lightly to make a green. I do hate those orange kits. BB has such a nice color kit to start with.


If you want to use the primary method, you would want to add enough blue layers to neutralize the orange, and could also use some green layers if you want to cute more of the red down. Then once you have a more neutral vinyl you can use the primary method.

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