Using a front loading body question

Can someone explain what that means, ive only heard about it, but have never done it ? I just bought lelou by evelina wosnjuk. She has 3/4 arms and legs, I would like if possible to make her legs full if it can be done, her arms being 3/4 are fine. I just like full legs the most.

Front loading bodies are basically for babies that don’t have legs sculpted all the way up the thigh. Take Sugar by Donna Rubert, for example. Her legs are sculpted a lot farther up the leg than Lelou’s. Front loading bodies make it possible for some babies to have full legs. I’m not sure if it would work for Lelou, as I tried to make an older BB sculpt to have full, front loading legs and she just looked funny. It may be possible, but be prepared for it to not work. I think the reason she looked funny to me was because it made her look like she had a big tushie.
Yes, I think it’s possible to give Lelou full, front loading legs. They will not be jointed though, and she may not be able to sit up on her tush on her own.
Hope this was helpful!

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Thank you, :slight_smile:

If the thighs are long enough you can use a front loading body. I can’t find pictures of a blank kit to be able to see her thighs. She’s very newborn and they don’t sit up anyway. Putting a coat of super glue in the groove of the legs will make them turn easily. Hold the limbs sideways while you apply it so it can’t accidentally drip down on them. Just make sure it’s REALLY dry before you attach them.


Yea, I think i’ll wait until she gets here before I order her body, and no she wont be sitting up. I haven’t seen the blank kit either. Does bountiful babies even carry front loading bodies?

One of the Realborn ones (7540-20 inch) might work. If not, Dolls By Sandie has an 18-19 inch Adrie Stoete body that would. It’s the 2nd one listed.

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Thank you, when she gets here i’ll see if it might work