Username change

So it’s official, I have changed my nursery name for Léabelle Reborns Nurserie !
I am happy with this change, it’s fit me better. I have kept my etsy store Bellybuttonreborn for my bodies but opened a new one for my dolls.

So just to let you know that tomorrow my new user name will be Léabelle.


That is so feminine and beautiful and it will work well with your style of painting and especially wardrobe, I really like it. I can completely understand that stress. Put a Bonnet On It was my Etsy shop name for selling photo props, since my Facebook business page was all set up with a lot of followers I also chose to keep it. If I were ever to change, mine would be Peek A Boo reborn nursery. So I applaud your decisive action and making the change! It is lovely just like your babies!

Thank you so much!
It was a lot of work but it is totally worth it.
My mom is happy that I choose her mother’s name, Lea. She loves my work.

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That makes it even more special❤️. Do you have a logo for your new name?

I don’t have a real logo yet, but I have chosen a business card with a nice butterfly on it.


Sounds nice! Would love to see it😊

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I like your new name!

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That is beautiful, I love the little 3d vintage buttons :heart:

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Very Cute!

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