User name issue

I’m new to the art of rebirning, just starting my first doll. I signed up for the forum some time ago to start researching frequent issues and fixes. It seems as though I have forgotten my user name. I’m guessing that posting will display it for me.

Looks like you are “crubin”? Welcome to the forum! I am sure you will have lots of questions as you get further into that first baby… Just THIN thin THIN your paints and mop up runs and check creases for excess paint!

Welcome, Charlene! This is a great group. :sunglasses:

Hello and Welcome, You will love it here :smiley:

hi and welcome to the forum family

Thank you all for the welcome. I’ve been researching technique for about a year but I’must sure I’ll still have lots of questions. Everyone on her seems so willing to share advice and technique. You are all so kind and supportive.

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There’s nothing like just “jumping in”! You’ll have a lot of fun and learn a lot from first-hand experience.