Uploading pics from phone

Is anyone else having a problem uploading pictures to the forum from your phone? It used to work just fine, but now part of the screen is missing so I can’t click to add an image. I emailed BB but haven’t heard anything.

The way I do it is less than optimal but it may help you in a pinch: if you have a photobucket, you click share for the pic you want, find the link that says its for forums. If your phone has the ability to copy and paste, just copy the link and paste it. If not (like mine) you can write down the link then type it out. Its a bit of work, but in a pinch, it should work.

That’s way too much work for me. BB needs to fix it.

I have uploaded 2 from my phone today without issues.

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I haven’t had any issues with it.

I have an inexpensive T-Mobile phone but I used to be able to upload pictures with it and now I can’t. I’m glad no one else is having this problem.

:worried: I can’t upload pics from my phone either, whenever I press the upload button nothing happens.

Ive never been able to upload a pic from my phone, thats how i found that method…

My upload button has disappeared.

If I am on the home pc mine is gone,on my phone it’s here.