UPDATE: Thank you BB for standing by your great customer service! Seconds Kits will Likely Have Factory Paint

And additional shipping

But maybe Macs and Irresistibles has spoiled me with their free shipping over 100


Does anyone know if kits coming back in stock that were from Joy Dolls before are still being produced there? I’ve been waiting for Darren Awake but don’t want to order if he could be covered in paint


$120 kit, probably a $30 body, then $10 shipping, so approximately $160 for the kit.

Just checked out child kits on Macphersons. Gabriella Schick, for example, is $185, including body and torso, and of course free shipping.

Competition is fierce at this price point. Then there’s the issue of defects. You get a choice between dealing with black spots from Macphersons or paint and yellowing here.


Yep, and she’s ball jointed and 42 inches. And she is consistently a great seller.
Also…no worries about getting a prepainted kid with Gabriella.


My felicity asleep also had paint on her!


For me in Canada it’s 180$ (shipping is 30$) + 35-45$ custom fees…not worth it for anyone outside US.

I prefer dealing with black spots that I CAN see without having to strip before…


I absolutely agree!!


And to think that many of you did not send back the 1st quality kits which had the paint on in order to support BB…and now this! :frowning:

I have Blake, Christopher, Leilani yawning and Steven, all 1st quality and I am too scared to check them. I ordered in Europe so what could I even do about it…


I know, this whole situation is bad business, in my opinion. Personally, I wouldn’t willingly pay $10 for a kit I had to strip unless it was a sold out limited edition that I really loved. I learned early on that stripping a doll kit was not my cup of tea :grimacing: It already takes long enough to reborn a brand new kit with blank vinyl. I don’t care to add more time just to get started…


My seconds Harlow has paint too


Mine looks okay but I will check more closely when my BIL is not here.

They raise the shipping fee to Canada to, it’s $40 now.


Well, that is even worse. I still need to order there for my fabric, joints and zip ties, so I may add a kit on sale to make it worth but I am done otherwise. I am trying to find an other supplier but this fabric is hard to get, here.


Ya I didn’t have any luck finding that fabric anywhere else either. I did just place two orders. If I order again I’ll let you know. Maybe it will cheaper for you to pay shipping from Ontario than the $40


Have you checked Fabric.com? If it is the suede like fabric you are looking for it is pretty cheap there and shipping isn’t terrible.



@quiltsabunch I don’t think it will be really cheaper as the fabric is kind of heavy (I order a lot). It would be interesting tho to look at the total shipping for kits, if we can divide it it could be a great option.
The only other place I have found it was on Etsy, I need to contact the seller to know if there is a possibility I can buy in bulk.

@RebeccaKatie thank you for the link, I didn’t know them. I will take a look.


I have ordered from fabric.com and also stylishfabrics and been very pleased. Sometimes they have site wide sales and the discount really helps when I buy heavy fabric that is going to cost a lot to ship even in the U.S.


It seems that I can’t add anything to my cart. It only say available on Amazon and the price is higher there.

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That’s odd. The add to cart button above the Amazon thing works for me. And the Amazon price is cheaper :confused: I wonder if the website is different in Canada? I don’t know a lot about how that works or if it’s different.

That’s what I get (I click on your link but choose a different color.)
It’s Amazon.com and prices are in usd