Update.. several correction whashes later

So…update of Tiffany… many green and blue washes layer to correcthet orange and purple…but still i am not satisfied…just not seeing it… upcoming is the final flesh layer… but I’m forgetting something…at least it feels like it… anyone tips, ?


She’s adorable…light yellow washes? More mottling and blushing.

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@Vanniek i did green, and blue , and a combination with yellow ochre and green…because she was very pink purple orange. Scared that light yellow will make her orange again? This is a picture of how she was this morning.

. what color does her face need you think? (Based on the picture of today? )
P.s. this is my first reborn…

Blush the tips of fingers and toes, and the cheeks. Is it the light ? It seems to me the head is not the same color as the limbs ?

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@Leabelle i already did the blushing. But it became to red in her face… i did the exact same thing on arms and legs as her face. Her face just has less mottling… thats the big error i think?
The blushing i used wasn’t very pretty… tried several colors…but not working for me yet… what do you recommend?
Thnx for replying!

It’s hard to tell with pictures. You only can see if the limbs match the face. For blush I like to use a bloody red , red with a bit of burnt umber and a touch of blue. Just onnthe cheeks, like a water drop form. But really it’s up to you, it’s your baby !

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Thnx @Leabelle…i dis the exact same blush color haha… but it got weird… way too dark… so been busy the whole day washing it away with washes… but agree that there is nog enough depth in her face…

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But you suggest doing the mottling layers on her face again? Blue red yellow dirty purple?
Im at my wits end

What color was her kit before you painted? She needs more mottling…try light yellow on her face.

Nevermind I see her limbs…they look Great!! Yellow on her head

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@Vanniek, Ok check. Yellow mottling on her face! Ordinary yello, or yellow ochre?
Thnx for the compliments about the limbs :blush:


Okay now in this picture I see a lot of blue in her tones. I would mottle the entire kit in the regular yellow. After it dries see how it looks.

You doing great!

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Thnx @Vanniek!! Can’t wait to try yellow!! So happy with any advice :slight_smile:


Yes, yellow is definitely what she’s missing!
But I will do a wash, not more mottling. But I think it will be hard to tone down the blue. Try and see. And red around the nipples and bellybutton…

Is it possible that you didn’t dilute the red enough? Maybe that is why it was so red?

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@Jacelyn5440 i have no clue… but got it off with several washes :slight_smile: will try again with maybe different blush color?
Question: when i use my authentic reborn colors, wich you dont have to thin, it becomes dirty, stainy…and removable. If i do thin it, it doesn’t stick…wipes off so to speak… any ideas or tips what I’m doing wrong?

@Leabelle a wash entire kit? No mottling? Wouldn’t mottling me more subtle you think?? I’m second guessing everything now hahah

I know nothing about authentic reborn paints. Sorry I can’t help, but surely someone will be along who can and will help. :slight_smile:

I think your mottling is good as it is. But you know, you’re the artist for this baby you have to make the decision. Try, and see. If at the end you are not happy with the result,myou can always strip and start over.