Update on using Miracle Milk in baby bottles

I tried the glue years ago when we were using wood glue for the off white color. It does go gunky over time and thickens. The last time I used lotion I was happy with the results. It needs shaking like the fake magic/Tex milks but it looks good a long time.


Ok I went ahead and played tonight. The discs do not work in shallow ring tops like the yellow and clear formula lids sold for volufeed bottles. They dobt have enough depth to screw down tightly. Will have to use no-hole nipples in those. They do work in rings with more threads like the black vintage ones. Here is what the lotion looks like mixed with wster. Reminds me more of formula. Air bubbles will settle down over time.


Here are the bottles thus morning after sitting overnight. As you can see, each one has different levels of separation. I guess due to varying water ratios since I did not use any particular set ratio. White ones on right are Tex milk I did over a week ago.

Here they all are after shaking.

So I say either method will work. Both need shaking daily for photos if using as photo props.


It may have been because you used wood glue I would imagine it has very different ingredients than Elmer’s glue. I use the Elmer’s white school glue and never have separation. I guess you could add the vanilla for color although I never tried that. Thank you for all your diligence in testing out all the different products and ideas I am enjoying reading through all the great posts here :two_hearts:


Thank you for updating us! I certainly appreciate it. With everything you have discovered, what would you say is your favorite or recommended liquid to use for the bottles?

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I liked the old Miracle Milk I got before best. It may be just the same as Tex Milk and just my imagination. My old go to lotion was a Walmart brand that was an oatmeal lotion that was off white. It seemed to mix up well. This lotion is ok but it takes more of it to lose the translucent coloring and so the milk looks thick to me. I am not too crazy about that. This TexMilk is ok and I think it is what I will go with. I have ordered some brown liquid gel food coloring from Amazon to tint it. Vanilla is too pricey now days at $11.99 for the brand I use. I will see how this goes when it comes in.


Where do you buy the TexMilk? I’ve been searching for it and have come up with nothing helpful.


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I got mine off Ebay.

Less expensive at Penguin Magic.

This was free shipping so probably about the same once you pay shipping there.

Oh wow did not see that. Interesting.

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How long does one bottle last? As in, how many baby bottles can you make with one of the Milk Tex bottles?

I am not really sure since I was using on my first bottle for years doing a few at a time. It takes 50 drops for 8 oz and 25 drops works for 4 oz bottles.

Tap or distilled, guys?

I use distilled but if you use tap, you should boil it first.

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I bet that’s what I’m doing wrong then!

I used distilled water. I had heard it works best if you heat it up in the microwave first. I have done it both ways and maybe heating is a little better? Not sure…

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