Update: happy ending

I ended up trading my mixed-limb Grayson for an Ashton Drake silicone. I ended up losing a bit of money in the end, but not too much… and I’d been meaning to check out AD’s silicones for a while anyway, and never would’ve gotten around to it otherwise. So this is a good conclusion, I think.

Most importantly, Grayson’s new mommy seems to like him! All dolls should be with someone who enjoys having them.

(P.S. Ashton Drake has upped their hair game, btw… it’s still obviously not great, but the one I got back in 2013 was way worse!)


That’s an adorable face. Could you take the hair out and re-root it?

Probably! But I’m pleased enough with it. My last Ashton Drake was all gluey, but this one seems to be machine-rooted… easier to deal with :slight_smile: