Upcoming Releases

Love many of these new kits. My favorites are Tristan and Holly. To me, Holly looks like a mix between Dumplin and Kitten. Very sweet face:) Who are your faves so far?

I just have to have Tristan…And of Course the Sweet Pea Twins…I guess I have to have them all. I really am not to crazy about the brand new one Caleb, LOL He will probably turn out to be one of my favorites

I want the elves. that sleeping rubert one in the red blanket is precious. the awake one looks like honey

I want Calab!!

And its already nov and where’s santa these guys take time I want my santa!!! Lol

I love most of the new kits coming out. I already have a custom order for the first of the new year for a Tristan. I have to be watching regularly because I can’t let him sell out before I get one.

Caleb he’s so small.

I like Caleb and Lulu. That little Caleb is just so cute. I know he’s a little one, but he’s just such a little peanut.

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I love them all! I want them all! I’m not real crazy about all the yellow/green nose and eyesockets on some of them though.

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This made me think of something its funny. My 1st son had an orange nose for months when he was 6 months old because I fed him too many carrots and sweet potatoes. True story