Upcoming Bountiful Baby Sales

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to give everyone a “heads up” on the plans for the upcoming sales. I am going to describe them backwards, beginning with Tuesday the 15th, and working backwards to today.

Tuesday, 11/15: We are hoping to have at least one new release available by this time. We generally do not put other things on sale during a release (so that we are not swamped with orders that come all at once). So there probably will not be any kits on sale (as shown on our home page). We hope to follow that up with additional releases and/or restocks of popular kits, so there likely will not be many other kits on sale for quite a while, beginning on Tuesday.

Monday, 11/14: There will probably only be a handful of kits (if any) on sale and shown on our home page. And there might not be any on sale. This is because Monday is always a rush as we try to catch up with the orders that occurred over the weekend. So Monday is our “intermission” day.

From Saturday the 12th around noon, through Sunday the 13th: I am planning a REALBORN kit sale over the weekend. There will not be any other kits besides the REALBORN kits on sale.

You can see from the above that beginning Saturday around noon, there will likely be very few kits on sale on our home page for some time, with the exception of the REALBORN KIT SALE over the weekend.

So, from now until the REALBORN KIT SALE begins is the time to snatch up any other sale kits that you would like. There will be MANY kits on sale during this period, and prominently shown on our home page:


The specific kits on sale will be recalculated and changed approximately twice daily, as the above sales plan takes shape.

To recap: NOW is the time for the non-Realborn kits (featured on our home page), followed by Realborn kits over the weekend, followed by a brief “intermission”, followed by new releases and other popular restocks, in that order.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Thank you!


Thanks for the heads up.:footprints:


Why is Clyde asleep more than Clyde awake?

I’m not support but my guess is since it is a half off sale Clyde awake is cheaper than Clyde asleep to begin with , but that is just my guess .

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I was just curious as to why. lol

They are the same size… I assumed Clyde asleep would be the same as Awake, Thomas asleep, and Thomas Awake

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