Unsatisfied customer

I have a customer that is requesting to get a full refund of her money for a doll. That I done for her. She says that the thumb on one of the hands has paint that has been rubbed off. She states that she does not like the way one of the ears on the doll look ( not the paint, but the way that it is sculpted.) she states that she can not stand the Rough feel of the doll from the varnish. I offered to fix the paint on the thumb, and told her that I have no control over how the ear looks. Tried to explain to her why the doll has the rough feel but she insist that it is not right and that her previous doll that she got done by someone else does not have that feel. I told her that I could not do refund and that it states on her invoice that all sales were final. She still insist that I should take the babies back and give her a refund.



Stick to your guns. How long has she had it?

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She just got them.

The only thing I would do, and you’ve done it, is to offer to repair the thumb.


Thanks for the advice

That’s how Rowan ear is. Was she a custom?

Yes. And I sent her pictures of the doll each week.

No, definitely no refund. Varnish is standard on a reborn, it’s not your fault that she previously bought an unvarnished doll from someone and likes the feel better. She complains if the paint rubs, but also complains when you seal it. She can’t have it both ways! No refund. Stick to your guns.


Maybe her previous doll is made with air dry paint? I use air dry paint and my dolls are soft. All of the dolls I have that have been made with heat set, have a rougher feel to them. Doesn’t bother me at all. But, maybe that’s what she’s talking about? In any regard, as long as you communicated to her what type of products you use in or on the doll and gave an accurate description of the doll, I wouldn’t refund her. Unless of course, you offer refunds. But that is entirely up to you.

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The thumb is an issue if she just got it and it has already rubbed off. I have texture issues. So I get what she is saying. Sorry some babies feel like sandpaper. If you do the varnish correctly it will have the barrier *which technically GHSP does ot need) and will not make the baby rough. Customer service is part of doing custom babies or selling anything. So you need to be clear a head of time what your policies are. Have contracts with your clients so if this ever comes up again everyone knows where everyone stands.

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She was aware that all sales were final. She entered into a 3 month payment plan in which I sent her an invoice every month that clearly states that all sales are final and if she cancel or miss a payment then deposit is non refundable also.

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I also offered to fix the thumb.

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If you’re gonna fix the thumb anyway, maybe try some light sandpaper over the varnish?
It works wonders for the air dry varnish I use. Sometimes I just rub a washcloth or something over the varnish, it also smooths it out quite a bit.

She doesn’t want me to fix it. She just wants a refund.

I have heard from a lot of people the DecoArt DuraClear Soft Touch Varnish leaves the reborn very soft and not so rough. I used it on mine it leaves a soft matte finish. Maybe fix the finger and if u possiable want to use the varnish. Hopefully it will make it better.

That’s expensive, back n forth shipping she knew the deal. No refund imo.

I have had this happen a few times in my 10 years of reborning. I would rather just give them a refund than suffer any grief. I’ve always been able to turn around and resell my doll with a happy customer. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Sorry you’re having to go through this. Especially since it was a custom. I’m sure you did everything you could to please her.