Unintentional twins

Have you seen kits that you thought could be twins but aren’t sold or marketed as a twin set? Or have you made two kits into a set of twins? Doesn’t have to be BB kits, any sculptor! I’d love to see what y’all think! Please post pics to show the two kits. They don’t have to be identical twins but at least close enough to pass for it. Not really wanting a fraternal twin set. Yes, I already know about Twin A and B by Bonnie Brown.

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If I remember correctly @PhotographyForLife already made post like this not long ago. She might link it here.

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There is a post swimming around like this somewhere but it always fun to see what’s changed since the. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I will say I think realborn Kyrie Phineas and Martin will make adorable triplets and I intend to do that some day

Also Alma and Skya

I haven’t make any twins yet but hopefully


I’ve been trying to think of the perfect Fraternal twins but keep changing my plans. :upside_down_face: I am thinking about Conjoined Twins but still want a set of twins.


Luxe and Mick look like twins to me.



It wasn’t me who started this one @YelenaRey lol

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