Unidentified Limbd

I’m really hoping someone can help me.
Last year, I bought a set of 19 inch limbs from somebody on a reborn group. I was told at the time who sculpt them. But I cannot remember whose they were. I want to know, as when I reborn the Freya head, I have to add whose limbs they are.

! IMG_20200108_150544|375x499
Thank you very much in advance.
Janet x


I am not sure. the arms remind me of Eva Helland’s kits… but no idea on the full legs.

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Can’t help with identifying, but do the legs belong to the same kit? From the pic one looks like it’s front loading and the other looks side loading. Could just be the pic or my eyes though lol.

Looks to me like you are right.

The legs are full limbs and have the same number as the arms, which are 3/4 limbs. They are all marked with JD 471.
Many thanks for replying.

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I wish I knew. Sorry. I think the JD stands for Joy Dolls but I assume they have hundreds of molds and I have no idea how to figure out what is what with out the head that matches. :confused:

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