Unconfirmed paypal

Sold my first reborn! Boy am i excited! Also all in one day soneone else wants to order one since this sold! wow!
How serious do to take an unconfirmed Paypal account?
I just recieved my first order and the amount is in there but says account unconfirmed .Should i tell the person shipping needs to be delayed or go ahead and ship today.?
I dont think she contacted me about buying buti get literally 100s ads a day on my phone so could easily deleted it I only knew she was sold because another lady wanted one too and ask could she order.!Reborn.com
Guess they dont send an enail if they buy?


Nice job on the sale. I have had a few sales were they are not confirmed. As long as the money is there you will be still protected. Usually it just means they don’t have their account set up completely with a credit card or checking account. So I would go ahead and ship.


Is it an unconfirmed account or address? I’ve had a paypal account for a long time and this address for 3 years. My ADDRESS sometimes shows as confirmed and sometimes as unconfirmed. I have no idea why. If it shows the ACCOUNT as unconfirmed, I’d be skeptical. Maybe you should contact PayPal.

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That is good to know.

I have had several of these buyers and all was well. That’s been my experience.


Thank you all. Its been some years since i joined paypal and thought i remember you just havent confirmed your account technicality…which took me a while until i did myself.Just wanted to ask you girls make sure.It doesnt say pending so guess its ok to ship.

Someone mentioned a box most dolls fit in What would that size be?Ill go to Wally to buy one i guess.Shes 23 inches long…

I cannot keep up with all the PayPal rules, but if someone buys and does not really have an actual PayPal account and later it turns out to be an unauthorized charge are you covered by PayPal as long as you ship to the address provided by PayPal?

I disabled allowing people to checkout using PayPal as a “guest” because a few years ago eBay had a glitch that was allowing people to get around the PayPal account requirement and I had a nine year old kid buy an expensive item using her mother’s credit card info but not her permission. I really thought eBay should have informed sellers of the glitch, but I do not think they ever did and the solution they gave me was disable checkout as guest through PayPal. I am guessing if I wanted to sell on reborns I would have to change that.

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Sort of what i wondered.
SAD the world is so full of scam artists you have to even question at all.

It is sad and I was all set to ship the item, but the kid wanted my cell phone number to text me, then wanted me to make a video and upload it on youtube, I don’t do that sort of thing- don’t know how to make a video or upload on youtube, but her language made be concerned that she was a child. Sure enough I found her on youtube and she was nine years old and did not have her mother’s permission to buy the item.

I don’t know what would have happened if I actually shipped and after several phone calls I got the transaction cancelled, but was puzzled as to how she could use a BIN that required a PayPal account when she really did not have one and they explained that they were experiencing a glitch.

If it says on your PayPal page the money is in your account, you should be OK to ship. If you are worried though, why not contact PayPal and check to be sure it’s going to stay there before you send anything out!

Congrats! Hope it all goes smoothly!

Congratulations!! :grin:

I have had a paypal account since 04,and mine says unconfirmed because i dont have a checking account linked to it. We had our identity stolen and had to cancel everything.just went to a direct debit. I wont link my account to it again.too messy.

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Thats too bad.Stupid theives out there!
I actually have had paypal for 12 or 13 years at least.I got into by selling on ebay back then i guess. My DH died in 04 and i was buying Xmas thing before that i know.
I just didnt know if things have changed now selling.
Im usually buying these days not selling.
Theives find every little scheme and scam to get you . You have to be so careful.

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yes you do, they got theirs though, they figured they got away with that so they filed federal taxs with hubbys and my ss#. irs got them.last i heard he got 5 years and she got 3. whats the worst thing about it is these were people that was over at our house alot.guess thats how it is now days.sad really.

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That is why I have separate accounts connected to PP; low credit limit CC and bank account with no money in it, except when I withdraw some from PP, but then I get it out pretty much immediately it lands there.

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