Ultra Soft Vinyl

I’m getting ready to use a Ultra Soft Vinyl kit. I only have experience with using BB vinyl baking and Genesis paints.
Is there any special instructions for baking and type of paint to use? I have seen here that you need to stuff the pieces before baking. Any help would be appreciated as I don’t have much time before Christmas to do this! Thanks!!!

I just bought an ultra soft vinyl kit. I use air dry so I can’t help with baking it but it’s super soft and I think I’m going to have to stuff the parts just to paint it.

So, there is vinyl softer than BB?

If you have a torso or belly plate, people tend to stuff those or put something under them when baking, so they don’t collapse.
If it’s the German vinyl, they officially don’t recommend you bake them, so if something does go wrong they won’t do refunds.

Absolutely. The ‘little dreams collection’ from Puppentraumland have very soft vinyl limbs. The heads are pretty hard, supposedly to make rooting easier.
I personally prefer BBs vinyl.

irresistables.com bought out Doll Dreams and has the LDC kits. I just bought Ilse by Menna Hartog from a forum member. She’s an LDC kit. The vinyl is very, very soft, including the head. It’s easily flexible. It’s the softest vinyl I’ve seen from anywhere.


I have successfully baked german vinyl- on 260 for 10 min at a time- it does get shiny but hasn’r melted on me…can’t say i’m a fan…too orange

I have done a few German Vinyl dolls and I gotta admit, I don’t care for it. It’s too Orange, Heads are always hard as a rock but the limbs are usually soft! BB has the best vinyl, IMO!!

My recommendation would be when baking the full torso to stuff it with polyfil and to watch it carefully. I made the huge mistake of baking my Lovelyn kit in my oven instead of nuwave so I could bake the whole thing at once, when removing from the oven her head rolled right out of the pan and into the metal grate, I picked it up in literally one second! I’ve accidentally had this happen to a couple BB kits and nothing happened, but the ultra soft vinyl melted immediately :frowning: This prompted me to buy ultimate fusion to use on my LDC kits, which was cheaper than replacing melted kits.

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