Ultra matt mixup

I ordered duraclear ultra matt varnish from Amazon on 7-12. On 7-19 I received a bottle of satin varnish & an invoice in the box from Walmart with satin varnish @ a different price, & a shipping charge. Amazon was free shipping. I phoned customer service & the ID number on their invoice isn’t in the Walmart system. When I asked how that could be since the number I gave them is on a Walmart invoice I received a loud shrill shreek on my phone line causing me to have to hang up. Not a quitter & the2nd call went better. Walmart said I should go to Amazon, which I did. Put a claim in that I had not ordered satin & wished to return it. Got an EMail this evening telling me to hold the item for 10 days as the transport,UPS, will want to verify it was damaged in shipping.OMG-it is a circle of fools. In the meanwhile the site I originally ordered from says, in bright red letters, that ultra matt is not available & may not be available in the future. I’m not gonna order any more for a while. I didn’t want a 2 oz bottle from Michaels but will drive there next week. Wish me luck!!

What??? WOW!
I usually get on the Amazon chat and talk to someone when I need help to return something. I have done it twice now and both times got refunded and told to keep the damaged items I received.

Was the shriek done by a customer service rep who was acting out of line? That sounds really creepy.

Never had to call Amazone for a return, I do it with the site. I thing if it’s not with Prime, you have to deal directly with the vendor maybe ?
If you have the name of the shop tell us !

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It wasn’t a shop-Amazon & Walmart. Thanks, I’ll try Amazon chat,