Ultimate Fusion Starter Set Question

I was wondering if the Ultimate Fusion Starter Set comes with a sealer or if it needs to be purchased separately?

I don’t think it needs a sealer

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Okay thank yo

The Sealer is used on products that are not UF. For example powders. They are not in the starter set, and if you’re only going to use UF you won’t need it :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Can’t wait to see what you do with the UF paints!

I am going to give you all my spin on varnishing. This is a write up I did some time ago and I still stand by it REGARDLESS of the brand paint you are using.

Do I need to Varnish/seal air dry paints for them to be permanent? This topic has been batted back and forth for years. The answer is No and Yes. No, good artist quality air dry paints do not have to be sealed/varnished in order for them within themselves to remain permanent once they have cured. YES you SHOULD seal/varnish your air dry paints in order for the doll to withstand being held, dressed and re-dressed, played with, cuddled etc. Sealer and Varnish also adds an additional protective layer to the surface of the doll against scratches, scrapes, scuffs etc. Vinyl in and of itself will go shinier with handling. Therefore, anything you can apply to the surface to help prevent this is a plus. Also, many of the paints and mediums used with air dry paints leave sheen on the surface of the doll. Applying a matte sealer and/or varnish to the surface removes this making the skin tone look better. And just so you all know, this all holds true of Genesis paints as well.

I know they say that the UF paints are matte but I have seen a lot of babies painted with those paints that were NOT matte IMO. Some folks like that look of sheen and call it a healthy glow. I do not. In real life, light does not bounce off baby’s skin like I have seen with painted vinyl.

Here is baby June after I painted her with UF paints. No varnish. To me, she has too much sheen and I know from experience that a baby that starts out with this much sheen will be very shiny after being dressed and handled in just a matter of a few weeks.

This is baby June after I applied the UF Sealer Varnish over her that is supposed to be matte. HORRIBLE sheen!

This is my finished June after I went over the shiny varnish with another layer of my own varnish mix formula that I use for all my air dry varnished babies. She is now soft velvety matte and does not look unrealistically shiny nor too matte.

(Note this baby was painted with the UF starter set and sold back in 2018)


Thank you so much! That is very helpful!

So what is your formula?

It is in another thread here.