UGH! you really should block this one!

I got a Non Paying Buyer on ebay! she purchased on a BIN and never paid…has not acknowledged emails etc. I opened a case against her…it will close tomorrow…still nothing. I went in and left feedback…even though it shows at positive…I got to have my say (which is a point I would like to stress for all of you when considering someone’s feedback…it will all be + if they are a buyer so go in and READ their feedback)…I had a NPB before and I did not leave feedback before the case closed and then I couldn’t!
Just now I got an email from a seller in Canada…this person purchased a kit…did not pay…then purchased another kit and did not pay! so…
[size=28]BLOCK HER! [/size]
[size=14]maria.lavinia14.16 in Romania[/size]

I figure Maria is 14 and LAvinia is 16

Thank you for letting us know!
I’m sorry you had to deal with that nonsense


Sorry to hear of your non paying buyer. It can be so frustrating! I had this happen to me twice. I then found that ebay had an option for the Buy it Now items (only) to select immediate payment in your listing. This requires the buyer to pay before their transaction can go through. I do this on all of by BIN listings now.