I have an idea for down time, that time after Christmas sales are over and we are doing a deep clean, getting our baby stuff in order, going through our sculpts… I know I can’t be the only one who says, “I am going to thin this out, see what I have, make a plan”

We all have a couple babies in a dusty bag or bin that we bought thinking “awww…” because the kit was like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and we couldn’t resist the sale.

We all also have that baby in our stash that we just can’t bring ourselves to paint for what ever reason.

I am going to suggest we do and Ugly Duckling without all the shipping and trading. Then have an Ugly Duckling pageant. Anything goes, normie, alternative, modified, cuddle, two heads one body… Just step outside your comfort zone and have fun.

Level up our creative game, and just make a baby for fun.

If I forget remind me, but when you are going through your stash put that special baby aside.


Sounds fun!

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Rachel, show @Gabriell your non-clown clown!


Believe it or not, I do not have a single ugly kit now!


I will have to go thru and see what I have left!!

Ooooh I have lots of uglies to play with :crazy_face: would be fun to see what people do!

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LOL, me too! I only buy whom I love and have plans for.
All 200+ of them! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I have several uglies, that I hold onto because they are SOLE. When I’m looking for a new baby to paint I cringe when I think about starting them :laughing:
So this sounds like fun way to get one of them out!


@AGivensBaby I should clarify my tag- your baby is SO creative and beautiful coming from a funny little kit. I hope it didn’t come across the wrong way! I still can’t believe what you did with her and how sweet she turned out :two_hearts:


No it’s fine ,no offence taken🥰
here’s a pic of my nonclown-clown :grin:


No way! not even a little sale baby way back in your baby storage with that funny purply vinyl that is hard as a rock?

Lucky you, I gotta whole collection of them.

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Oh my goodness. I was just getting some kits out today to paint for the first time in almost a year. I think I will keep this one in mind! Poor little thing, she seems perfect for the challenge!


Nope! I have sold off a lot of stuff and worked my way to only kits I like. I have some overstock and a couple kits I got on trade that are not my favs but nothing I would say is ugly. I just cannot make myself paint a kit I don’t like. It always turns out bad.


She might surprise you and turn out to be very cute :wink:
I love her face profile despite her conehadness.

Looks like she has a good vinyl.


I hope so. Everytime I have gotten her out I just cant bring myself to paint her but I agree that she does have potential!


It reminded me the situation when in my 1st reborning year I decided to try to paint a mini. It was Twinkle and I was in shock when I received him as he was only my 7th baby and I only painted BB kits before him. His head was looking like this

Up to this day he is my keeper and one of my favorites and I even don’t pay any attention to his head shape because I love him so much!


Love him and that outfit is ADORABLE!

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Thank you so much!