UF Paint users, help?

Could anyone who uses Ultimate Fusion Paints tell me if this water is okay to use to mix paint?

I normally just boil tap water but it’s getting annoying. If this will work then it will be much more convenient.

I have a well and asked about the well water. What I was told was that as long as there is no chlorine, fluoride, and any other of those type of additives, it should be ok. I used my tap water and had no issues.

Added note…this pertains to Ultimate Fusion

That’s nice to know. I have well water too and have been using distilled water. Thanks!

I have well water as well

Hi :wave: their ,of your using acrylic air dry paints ,you should use eight still water or purified water ,cuz when you use tap water ,your reborn habit skin tone /flesh tone will make it look like it’s dirty when you mix it with your acrylic paints, I myself had to get this type of water ,cuz I had issues using tap water ,but you can also boil your tap water ,that way all the chemicals and the chlorine stuff that is in our tao water will be gone ones you boil your tap water, just wanted to share what is being thought to me ,happy Rebornning …

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I use distilled water. .89 a gallon @ Walmart. Nothing in it to cause problems. Our tap water is contaminated.

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Me too, I use Distilled water, .80cents a gallon at Winco.

I use distilled water and it is suggested for use by different artists using air dry. It is inexpensive in the grocery store. I get mine by the gallon. I am not saying the drinking water is not OK, just passing along info I have seen in the past. :slight_smile:

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It is important that the water you use be distilled water, not boiled, bottled or tap water. When you boil your own water and use it all you are doing is increasing the mineral concentration ratio to the water that is left in your container after it is boiled.

Distilled water is made from boiling the water and catching the steam off the water that is the pure water with no mineral contents in it. The other types of water listed above have minerals that can affect the paint pigments.