Two questions!

So to preface both questions, I’m moving to Pennsylvania in the last week of September to go to school for special effects makeup, and I’m putting together my portfolio for scholarships. Reborns are a fair amount of my portfolio because it’s something I felt shows off my artistic skills and is a bit different than just having makeup in there. In order to have reborns in my portfolio I have to include a picture of the kit unpainted as well, which leads me to my first question:
I really liked the rooting I did on Jack Johnston, but I made him before I knew I would need before pictures of each baby. Does anyone have a blank Jack that they could put on a body and take a picture of for me to show what he looks like unpainted??

My second question is if anyone knows where I could get a 15" body with 3/4 arms and full legs. I have a mumma’s monkey kit by Bonnie Brown that I want to start on but don’t have a body to take before pictures. Anyone know where I could buy one or if I can pay someone to sew one for me?
Thanks if anyone can help with either question!


I thought I might have a pic of my Jack unpainted, but I looked and he’s not assembed in the pic and he’s posed with the Posy kit since I painted them together.

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Thank you for looking anyways!

I have front or side legs.

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Perfect! Thank you, I’ll place an order now!

Thanks :+1:

Ohhh where in PA are you moving to?! I’m here to lol


Me too. :blush:


I’ll be in Monessen!

Anyone hear of honesdale pa?

My son is in Johnstown.

That body looks bigger than 15". The twins are 17".

I offer different sizes…

I’m in PA too. :blush:

Sounds like a Dolly Meet Up. I don’t live there but was born there.

Oh wow! Lots of us are in PA haha. Who new.

Is it this kit?

If so, I’ve found this video online, perhaps you can take screenshots?

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I have a Jack but the earliest I would be able to take a picture for you would be Wednesday. If you still need the picture then either tag me here or PM me and I’ll do it for you.


That’s fine! The scholarship is due in late July so I’m not in a big rush. Thank you!

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