Two New Beautiful Prototypes - On eBay Now!

Good Morning!

We have two new beautiful Realborn® prototypes on eBay, and they are ready to be adopted into a loving home!

First, we have an adorable Dominic Awake. He was so perfectly reborn by the talented Silvia Ezquerra. Be sure to check out his auction: Dominic Awake Auction. This little munchkin is sure to melt anyone’s heart! He comes with full vinyl arms and legs. The real baby Dominic is the precious grandson of Nevin and Denise Pratt.

Last by not least is a gorgeous Madison Awake. Bianca Franke did a wonderful job of bringing this little girl to life! She is truly precious. She too comes with full vinyl limbs. You can see both of their beautiful prototypes below. To make this little one yours click here: Madison Awake Auction.

Have an Awesome Day!


Bountiful Baby


Is Madison any relation to Nevin and Denise Pratt? I know it says that Dominic is their grandson.

Madison has no relation. So far, the grandbabies of Nevin and Denise are Joseph and Emmy (my son and daughter), and my sisters kids Dominic and Rebekah.




Thank you for telling me.You and your sister have beautiful babies.All of the realborns are just beautiful sculpts.I am so in love with all of them.

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It’s so cool when you make siblings! And your babies (and your sister’s) are just so cute!

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