Twin A by Bonnie Brown

I just ordered a Twin A from bonnie’s website and I have some questions.

  1. Can you show me yours?
  2. What size clothes does she wear?
  3. Can she take just a normal newborn pacifier or just preemie?
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It depends on what body you use I have seen a few women place them on a 18-19 inch body. I ordered the custom made body for them and mine are 17 inches they fit in preemie clothing only. She can take a full pacifier. Here are a few photos of my twins.


Beautiful babies !

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I ordered the body off bonnie’s website, so I guess I’ll have a preemie.
I love your twins. I’ve never really been a fan of twin B but I’m considering getting the kit to add to my slowly growing collection of bonnie brown babies

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A is the best of the two because I do not care for Twin B’s arms, That being said I do love both of them.

I’m personally not a fan of twin B’s mouth. I just don’t think it looks natural. Maybe if I make him, I’ll like it more though