Tutti Blick Size Comparison and Eye Question

First off - I cannot believe how big this baby is! Maybe it is just my eyes but wow. When I thought 23 inches I didn’t picture this big. Size comparison with Saskia and Gabriella.

But I do have a question. Has anyone else reborned her yet? And if so what size eyes did you use? I know they call for 24 but wanted to know what others used. And if you could provide pictures that would be awesome!


@jubileej made a very cute one :heart:

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Thank you Jenni!

I used 24 mm BB eyes. They were small in the sockets and I had to stuff behind them with polyfill. I had a pair of flat back glass eyes that woud have needed stuffing as well and I like the BB eye best so I went with those. Maybe 26mm would be better. She did turn out rather cute.


Oh my gosh! She is darling!! I love the blue outfit!

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She is Lovely !!!

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Thank you!

How did you create her? If you don’t mind sharing. I love her luscious lips. Please share!

Thank you Theara, I use a mix of BountifulBaby lip nail color mixed with white and thinning medium for the lips. I also do a thin blue layer and a thin BB lip nail alone later.

Beautiful Baby!!! :slight_smile:

She is gorgeous!

I used full round german glass eyes…24mm… inserted from the back and glued in with E6000.

And…YES…her head is HUGE!!! :roll_eyes:





She is lovely! Her hair is adorable

I love her, she is so adorable those eyes are amazing!