Turning my black friday sale on again because I forgot to post my sale here for you guys!

I posted my black Friday/cyber Monday sales on all the other sites I’m apart of but totally forgot to post it here so I activated the sale again just for you guys! 30% off all alpaca fiber doll hair, this will be our last big hair sale untill after the holidays are over so buy now so the fiber ships in time to make all the Christmas babies!! Also all domestic sales over $100 are getting gifted a free set of our alpaca dryer balls :heart: Suri Alpaca Fiber for Doll Hair Fiber for Wigs Doll Making - Etsy


I just finished my Quinn with my last shipment! Loved it!

Better pics later!


Oh my gosh he’s perfect!!! Great work, Thank you for sharing :heart:

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Love your baby


Thank you!