Trying to wait patiently

I finished payments on my MacPhersons layaway early because I’m just too darn excited for it. Now I know every day I’m going to keep going back on the site to see if my order has been processed. Trying to distract myself by focusing on finishing rooting Raven’s big old head because I’m not going to send any tickets to ask about it. Patience is a virtue I tell my ADHD lol.


Oh, I know the feeling. I ordered a kit yesterday and have been checking every few hours to see if it’s shipped yet. :rofl:


I didn’t order a kit but I ordered 4 baby outfits from carters 2 weeks ago and shipped yesterday and should be getting the clothing around may 2nd the tracking says I was keep checking when is it going to ship

When I buy is kit I’m like that also about when going to ship etc I usually have text Updates to tell me


I ordered Corvin from Truborns in February and it says they’re still taking preorders. I know some companies have already got their Corvins in and people already have them.


Truborns is usually super slow, you may need to contact Bobbi Barfoot to see for sure.


Do not discourage !. I am also patiently waiting, since last month, for hair coming from Russia. I just pretend I didn’t order anything.


I ordered a kit and paid it off in February and the batch had flaws… I still waiting to hear anything! :sob:


I paid off my Corvin layaway at MacPherson about a month early. I kept waiting for the status to change. Finally I emailed them and they said he was out of stock. What the heck? I thought when kits were put on layaway they were set aside as sold. Had I known I wouldn’t be getting him right away I wouldn’t have paid him off early. :woman_facepalming:t2: Anyway, it’s been a couple of months and I still don’t have a Corvin. :cry:


I may do that. I can’t figure out why everyone else has theirs and Truborns is still taking preorders.


That sucks! I am with you – layaway means just that – they lay it away for YOU who paid down on it. Never heard of shops selling out their layaways.

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Well I finished Raven as a portrait baby of me for my mom, she’s now sitting under my work table waiting until mothers day.

So now I have to find other ways to pass the time. On my run to the grocery store today I picked up some pacifiers because along with new kits to sell I’m also making myself a keeper baby of twin a because I just adore Bonnie Brown sculpts and love that the kit can take some full pacifiers!


I never got my order from them placed in Nov. it’s says shipped in Jan. I never got it.


Oh no that’s not a good sign. Did you contact them and let them no that you never received it?

That’s the best “ Mother gift ever🤫