Trying to sculpt

Well, I thought I would try my hand at sculpting. It’s harder than I thought. He’s tiny but it’s a start though. Hope I get better at this. Any pointers?


@izzy should be able to help.


No pointers as I could never but I love the chunky cheeks!

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Yep----it looks like a 'Person" for sure!!! Keep going, it takes a lot of practice, good job.


Looks good so far! I’d add some more clay to the top of his head, his temples and the front of his forehead. Also, look at your sculpt in the mirror…it helps. :wink:


Ok, thanks Izzy. My next question is, after it’s done then what do you do with them? Lol. Do you make a mold or just bake then paint?

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I would love to see some of your Izzy.

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Izzy, did you finish your little Downs Syndrome baby??

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What kind of clay are you using? When I first started I was using original sculpy and it’s horrible compared to what I use now. (Fimo professional doll art)

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I have a tip for you. Faces are not on the front of the head, but are wrap-around. When you are sculpting in the round, you have to constantly turn the work so you are viewing it from all sides. Your eyes look okay from the front, but in profile they would be wrong. Think of your face as if you were having to place it on a ball or an orange rather than a piece of paper. Does that make sense?


It’s sculpty. If I see I can do it, I plan on buying a better clay.

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Yes, thank you

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It’s so much different to work with. Sugarcharmshop on YouTube has a baby sculpting tutorial. She’s amazing to follow

Ok thanks:)

Nope! :frowning: I’ve got her all done except her arms are giving me a heck of a time. They’re sculpted but won’t stay on! It’s almost time for finals so I have no time to mess with her either.

Did you put a wire in the shoulder to the arm (armature) to keep it together?? Finals, WOW, takes me back to the “olden” days when I was in school, yuck!!

You can make a mold and turn it into silicone, resin, vinyl, etc. Or, you leave it be and paint the clay. That would be considered an OOAK.

My work:

^pardon the unfinished ear on that one lol…this baby is done and sold now.


I tried that but the clay is just being annoying lol. I’ll work it out eventually.

Wow Izzy, good job. And thanks for the info.


Here are 2 that I sculpted back in 2013 to show that you can paint them…I painted these with GHS just one layer so not really a finished paint job but just an example so you can see that you can paint the Polyclays