Trying to fix my boo boo fairy baby

So today Cupcake’s head was eaten by the oven. :cry: I was mortified but decided to push on anyways. I’ll be damned if the oven wins! Haha. Here are some photos of what happened to her and some photos of my progress (band aid) so far. Think I can still sell her when she’s done?( At a reduced cost obviously ) She will have hair and eye lashes. Haven’t gotten to them yet.

She is nothing like I ever imagined her to be, but I think maybe the right person will love her. I just don’t know! :-/



Yes definitely press on! Maybe you can file her down some or something . I love the painting you’ve done

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I think she is kinda cute so far. Definately very cheery looking.

I think you are doing wonderful with her, can’t wait to see her finished. You are making her look cute! Hair should cover most of your boo boo.

She looks like a little 60’s Hippie!!

That actually looks really cute!!! I love it!

She is adorable! Definitely keep going! I think the right mommy for her will come along when the time is right :heartpulse:

Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:

Great save! she looks adorable!

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Great way to cover your boo boo. I love the art work!!

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She adorable! Great save. Once you Matt varnish her it should help to smooth any rough spots.

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I’d like to thank everyone for the positivity. I have just finished rooting this sweet fairy girl. I will assemble her tomorrow, but couldn’t wait to share the latest WIP photo! :slight_smile: (cell phone and night time pic)


What a pretty fairy, Cupcake actually is cute, lol. Can’t wait to see her assembled!

She’s such a happy looking little fairy. I like her pinkish/purple eyelashes.