Trying to find info on a fairy- Rainy and Clover

Hi all. I was a memeber here several years back and life got busy and I stopped working on dolls. This weekend I pulled out the stash I have and have been trying to figure out who is who and what parts I have :frowning: I have 2 fairies, one had the name on the bag (clover) and the other , through searching I know it’s name is Rainy… I have one body with number 2081 on the bag … I think it’s for clover… does anyone know for sure?? And I have a body # 7100 that I know is for Rainy. Does anyone know what size eyes Rainy takes?
I also found a micro preemie named Jacob… I seem to remember the body was sold out when I got him. Is there one that will work? Thank you so much in advance for any help.

OK now I want pics, lol.

Yes, body #2081 is for clover fairy
Rainy take 12mm eyes and
Jacob would fit body #3011, same as 13" micro preemie Caleb (3/4 arms & legs)

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Thank you!!

If you go to the very top of the forum, you will see a section on discontinued kits and there are lots of pictures of each of your dolls. Jacobs body 3011 is also on sale at the moment.