Trying something new

I set up a store on IOffer. It is free to list and people can make you an offer. I saw one listing there for a custom reborn doll and it got lots of questions so I thought I would put Colby up there since he didn’t sell on Ebay and just see if I got any interest in him.
Here is my store link:

If anyone here has ever used IOffer let me know how you liked it.

It says it may take up to 24 hours to appear in the search.

The link I posted above was for my store.

Here is the actual auction link: … -124667289

Item# 124667289

No bugs here or problems at all getting in. Must be your computer pchan.

I wound up relisting Colby today on Ebay and 3 hours later he sold BIN. I did lower his price but I am glad he sold.

$145 BIN plus shipping. I had lowered his price a good bit because most the ones that were selling seemed to be going for the $99 to $130 range.