Trouble with painting nails

I’ve redone the nails too many times to count. Any tips on painting the nail tips? They are so small. Got the toenails done. Just can’t seem to get the fingernails done right. I’m using a small thin brush.


I make a mixture of glazing gel, Mona Lisa and white or very light flesh color with just a tiny touch of blue. I use a toothpick to apply the white to the tips. It flows off the toothpick and while it is still wet I use a clean toothpick to remove any excess.


I also use a toothpick. It doesn’t splay out like even a small brush.


I use thinning medium with a dab of nail color from BB, then after I mix it… I use a toothpick to do the “white” part.
(sorry crappy picture one handed with a phone… lol…but this is the way I hold it then drag it from one side of the nail to the other.)

Other people have mentioned using a light prisma pencil… but I have not tried that.


I use thinning medium with a tiny bit of flesh 08 and blue (it will look grey) and apply with a toothpick. It is easier to clean them up if you wait for them to dry a bit


I’m gonna try using the toothpick. It crossed my mind, but I guess it didn’t click in to try it. Thank you ladies.


I have tried with a toothpick but mine turn out better with a very fine liner brush I mix nail tip with thinning medium.

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I used the toothpick, soooo much better. Thank you ladies! :blush::blush: